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Complying with government and industry regulations is a major concern for IT managers across the board. IT managers are now bound by law to store, backup, encrypt, secure and protect their confidential data, and demonstrate that they are doing this satisfactorily.

Many organisations in the public sector and the regulated industries, such as utilities and legal or financial services, have to demonstrate an information security policy that proves they have a range of steps and measures in place. If these policies are not adhered to, the regulators reserve the right to prosecute.

One international standard for security compliance that can be applied across industries is the International Standards Organisation’s ISO 17799, known as ISO 27001 in Europe.

This is a formal process that helps an organisation demonstrate that it has a high level of IT security management. It covers 10 major areas, including business continuity planning, physical and environmental security, compliance, personnel security, asset control and security policy.