Cybersecurity Concepts

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The international harmonisation of cyber security strategies and visions has not yet been achieved, but the analysis of diverse literature on cybersecurity and cyberspace shows a degree of coherence for high-level cybersecurity concepts and displays evidence of commonality in concepts, principles, and attributes describing various aspects of policy, technology space, and societal impacts of cyberspace. This commonality provides a reservoir of fundamental concepts and principles that can help industry, government, academia, and others to develop an in-depth view of cyberspace.

These common concepts and principles covering technology, policy, and societal issues can serve as a foundation of a shared approach to cyber security devised as an ontology. The ontology could connect high-level principles developed by policy efforts and best practices designed by industry experts. It could be instrumental in creating a common context to support multi-stakeholder interactions, could help to model and predict the rapid pace of chance in cyberspace and could enable a multi-disciplinary scientific view of cyber security.

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