Industrial Internet of Things Security

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The Industrial Internet of Things has been heralded primarily as a way to improve operational efficiency. Many manufacturers and industrial product companies have made great strides in connecting their products and appliances to the IoT. But succeeding in this era demands much more than technology connectivity. In fact, the advent of the IIoT is a once-in-a-lifetime business disruption—one that requires new capabilities and will provide incredible opportunities.


The expanding Industrial IoT introduces various operational technology (OT) architectures with inherently different threat vectors to an enterprise’s traditional IT.

Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Security Officers, CIOs and anyone professionally dealing with IT security knows that the stakes are high in the Industrial Internet of Things security as well – and that the number of attacks will increase.

An Industrial Internet of Things security strategy thus requires comprehensive security management in order to limit access to interfaces, systems, sensors, (remote) maintenance access points and equipment to an authorized group of persons or to authorized processes.

The large number of active or passive elements in an industrial IoT solution
poses in its complexity a major security challenge. Companies must, for
one, ensure the security of the software, infrastructures, application and
computer systems used. For another, they must deal with the effects of
possible cyber attacks on the operational safety of devices and plants
that are connected to the Internet. On the IoT, security management goes
beyond one’s own company because companies must to some extent
open up their networks and systems for customers, suppliers and partners.

To ward off threats to the industrial Internet of Things and facilitate secure
IoT solution communication, a comprehensive, holistic concept based
on a defense-in-depth strategy is required. Security aspects should also
be taken into consideration at the initial development stage of plant,
equipment, systems and networks (Security by Design).

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