War Game Planning

View our 2018 and 2019 listing of information security (infosec) / cyber security training courses, events and conferences from around the world that are associated with (Information Security) War Game Planning.

A Cyber War Game assesses resilience posture, including how an organization responds to realistic crises, and under which conditions resilience is likely to fail. War game planning uniquely combines technical aspects of an attack (to illustrate how it is triaged) and the performance of core crisis management. It demonstrates effective tools for managing the business consequences, and coordinating capabilities in an escalating crisis.

War game planning may include:

First Impact:

  • Alerting and indicators
  • Detection capabilities

First Response:

  • Accurate interpretation
  • Triage management

Situational Awareness:

  • Knowledge and decision making
  • Risk assessment


  • Risk assessment
  • Crisis management


  • Feedback on performance
  • Analysis of effectiveness


  • Recommendations
  • Training and workshops

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