War Game

View our 2018 and 2019 listing of information security (infosec) / cyber security training courses, events and conferences from around the world that are associated with (Information Security) War Game.

Cyber War Games simulates a prolonged and persistent attack conducted by the Red Team in several phases and aims to mobilize your organization’s security team through phases of identification, defense, response, and recovery.

A Cyber War Game addresses:

  • Preparatory learning and master classes
  • Multiple, custom, and escalating scenarios
  • Fusion of technical and contextual factors
  • Mentoring and real-time observation
  • Completeness and effectiveness of response and contingency plans
  • Factors and conditions that lead to failure
  • Process and team agility

An important goal of these exercises is to elevate knowledge and awareness, and improve your ability to respond to complex attacks. Beyond developing the requisite knowledge, managing a crisis requires very effective processes that are configured appropriately and adaptable to changing circumstances.

The purpose of Cyber War Games is to not only test whether the plans are well designed, but also to test the effectiveness of processes and procedures, and to examine the organization and management of those processes.

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